We provide whole life cycle support for FG Wilson generators beyond installation and commissioning.

  1. Load Bank Testing for Preventive Maintenance

  2. Performing annual load bank testing improves and extends the generator's engine life. The test helps in ensuring the reliable operation of your generator during power failure. It is a test for the integrity of your generator after years of being in service. Load bank testing allows the engine to reach full operating temperature and ‘unclogs’ the accumulation of any un-burnt fuel. The result is a unit that runs cleaner and more efficiently. During the load bank test, PowerAsia examines essential engine factors such as; engine temperature, engine combustion, fuel pressure, etc.

    Load bank testing is also performed for newly purchased generators. It is used to verify kVA and kW ratings.

  3. Onsite Service Support

    Fully equipped Mobile Service engineers
  4. Our team of highly skilled Mobile Service engineers are fully equipped to provide onsite service and support should your generator set encounter problems.

    Fast, efficient, expert assistance ensure you experience minimum downtime, and minimum downtime to your operations.

  5. Service Contracts and Preventive Maintenance

    Let us take care of it
  6. We provide a range of service contracts to support your generator set installation. With regular service visits, we will ensure your prime generator set continues to perform to its optimum level, and your standby generator set is always ready when you need it.

  7. Product Training

    Sharing our generator expertise
  8. As an FG Wilson Dealer, our staff have access to and receive extensive technical and product training.

  9. Rewinding Shop

    Rewinding without de-rating capacity
  10. In Power Asia, we have assigned a group of experienced Electrical Engineers and created a rewinding shop dedicated for the repair, rewinding and reconditioning of genset alternators.

    Preventive maintenance is done by regularly inspecting and testing the alternator with the use of special tools like Megger Tester for Winding Insulation Resistance and SurgeTester for the Winding Physical Condition. We use a steam washer and chemicals to clean the windings from dust, dirt, and stubborn grease. We repair and rewind alternator windings – Main Stator, Main Rotor, Field Exciter and RotorExciter – back to its original kW rating.

Supported by FG Wilson's Presales, Parts and Service Helpdesks; we offer information and support to our customers when they need it.

Our experienced service engineers are trained to carryout service and maintenance on FG Wilson diesel and gas generators. Equipped with service vehicles, our engineers provide 24/7 onsite service support.

PowerAsia offers a range of service contracts, tailored to your needs.

We offer full warranty on all FG Wilson generators and parts sold.

In addition, we offer product training to generator set users. Our qualified training team conducts training at our premises or onsite.

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